San Diego Lawn Bowling Club 

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2024 May 10 Triples - 1st Place Barry Jacobs, Janice Lavallee and John Ainsworth
2024 May 10 Triples - 2nd Place Ed Powers, Anne Cherrie and Philip Lang
2024 May 10 Triples - 3rd Place Sonny Brenner, Phyllis Gould and Jim Wyatt
2024 Jay Robbins Knockout 1st Place - Dan Miller
2024 Jay Robbins Knockout 2nd Place - Tony Santos
2024 Jay Robbins Knockout 3rd Place - Greg Mattson

2023 Novice Champion - Ed Powers
2023 Club Champion - Tony Santos
2023 Menís Champion - Harold Krasner & Womenís Champion - Shirley First
2023 SD Inv Triples A-Green Winners (Alan Klaus, Anne Nunes & Bill Brault)
2023 SD Inv Triples B-Green Winners (Greg & Emily Mattson with Jim Allen)
2023 SD Inv Pairs (Kim and Chris Davis)
Old Rotting Non-Linear Wooden Backboards
Old Backboards Removed
New Concrete Backboards
Concrete Backboards Completed April 2023
Thanks to all the SDLBC members!


2022 Men's Singles Champion - Dan Johnson
2022 Women's Singles Champion - Janice Lavalle
90th Anniversary Celebration - SDLBC 2022 Board of Directors with Mayor Todd Gloria and Council member Stephen Whitburn
2022 Club Champion - Tony Santos
2022 Novice Singles - Megan Quimby

SDLBC 2021 Club Champion Joan Robbins
SDLBC 2021 Men's Champion Howard First
SDLBC 2021 Women's Champion - Shirley First

SDLBC 2020 Club Champion Tony Santos
SDLBC 2020 Men's Champion Harold Krasner
SDLBC 2020 Women's Champion - Nancy Santos
June 5th, 1932, Mayor John F. Forward Jr. and Council roll the first bowls at the formal Opening of the San Diego Lawn Bowling Club
Lucy Killea,of the San Diego City Council, lawn bowling in 1982
1983 Mayor Roger Hedgecock visiting during our National Singles and Pairs Championship
Bowling Besties